Being raised in the South and with the CAREN home office based north of Atlanta, Georgia –all of us southern ladies here at CAREN just want to say, “Hey Ya’ll” we are so happy you clicked your way here!



We hope you are feeling REPLENISHED and RECHARGED after the Thanksgiving holiday, and are ready to take on the busy month of December. We hope you find comfort and joy this season while shopping for CAREN products during our 12 days of Christmas deals and discount right from home!


With the launch of our new website and …not without our southern hospitality and charm mixed in, --we would like to keep you informed on ALL THINGS CAREN. What better way to do that --than through our new Blog.  But first, “what is a Blog anyway?” Well, our staff has done some research on this and found that “blogging" can be defined as an online, chronological commentary on a specific topic; (boring), blogging can be seen as a form of social networking service (ok, fun) or our FAVORITE definition -an online DIARY; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page.


Surely we can do that! We all remember our very first diary right? It was kept in that secret hiding place with a lock and special key that kept our hearts desires, our first love, our special memories and our deepest secrets? Well, if blogging is like keeping a diary, our staff of (almost) all 40-something women should be perfect at bringing our wit and wonderful insights straight to you.  So bookmark this link now and come back to visit us. We are certainly not short on words, so without further adieu, meet CAREN and our expanding line of products!  In this blog we will introduce to our #1 selling product, our amazing Hand Treatment.


Our HAND TREATMENT is your HELPING HAND and will become your Best Friend.... the Perfect Hand Lotion. This luxurious HAND TREATMENT is not greasy or oily and leaves you with just the right hand feel after you rub it on. With ALOE VERA as the base ingredient, this non-sticky lotion absorbs so nicely into your skin, leaving your hands feeling conditioned, soft and supple. Aloe Vera is the green spikey NATURAL moisturizer that is accepted as one of the best in existence and great to use anytime. And I didn’t even tell you how yummy they all smell. CAREN HAND TREATMENTS come in a very wide variety of FRAGRANCES, 13 to be exact. They are also infused with a HEALING blend of 13 BOTANICAL EXTRACTS. It’s like an aromatic rush of soothing scents and softening agents that surround you once you apply it to your hands. You won’t have to use anything else... This hand treatment truly helps to heal and HYDRATE your skin— .    

Use the hand treatment several times throughout your daily routine...after washing, gently pat dry and apply while your skin is still damp to lock in the moisture.   We also encourage you to develop a nighttime routine with your hands, just like you cleanse and moisturize your face also remember your hands with Caren before retiring to bed.  As a child when I would visit my Mam’aw, at bedtime she would apply lotion and put white cotton gloves on my hands and make me sleep in them…the next day they were so soft, as we say in the south…soft as a baby’s butt.   We even have a gift set called Treat for Hands and Feet (includes bamboo gloves for both hand and feet) that you can do this very same thing that Mam’aw did.    Y’ all are going to love our hand treatment!


Our products even provide excellent relief and recovery for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. In fact, our products are recommended by medical professionals and can be purchased at some of the world’s top hospitals including Memorial Sloan Kettering, The Cleveland Clinic, Seidman Cancer Center, St. Jude Children’s Hospital; Stanford Hospital and many more.  

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