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I am a long time fan of Caren Products. I was excited to receive a couple of products so I could write about them. I hope our Caren Product reviews do their product the justice it deserves. The problem is I now have a new issue, after I used the Pretty Shine Product, I have a child that now follows me around, she said, “You smell so good I can’t help myself.” The best part is the lotion made my skin go from dull to glowing. I am ashamed to say my legs were dry and my normal lotion didn’t do anything to help.

“Note: Images were taken after one day of use. I have been using this product for a full week now and I can’t figure out how I did without it so long.”

I tried out the Shine Collection. It features “Energetic hints of heavenly honey crisp apple and juicy melon mixed with salty berry blossoms and tart citron over smooth vanilla musk.” It is really divine. I can’t describe how wonderful it is. I can tell you seeing is believing, since I received this product I have not touched my other lotions. I love the scent, the ease of application and the results from using it. I have the hand lotion in my car. I do not even need to apply it more than once a day but every time I get into the car I put it on my hands. It is my quick spa treatment.


Caren Products Reviews

These were written by a friend of mine in the 6th grade….


Lip Shine

“Lip Shine is the richest and glossiest lip gloss that has ever used! It plumps, adds smoothness, and minimizes fine lines. That  is what makes the lip gloss amazing! With its shiny gloss, you feel prettier than ever! Lip Shine makes your lips glow in the dark and makes sure that your lips are irresistible!! The pink gloss mixed with the shininess makes it the prettiest! Make Sure you buy this product right away! It can not wait!!”


Caren Lip Balm

“Caren Original Chapstick is amazing! Pomegranate pucker is a great way to brighten up your lips, with its great smell.   It is a great way to get your chapped lips back into shape!

Coconut Smooch is the best tasting chapstick you will ever put on! With its great smell it definitely will give you a smack lip treatment!!

Banana Sugar is rich, creamy and has a dreamy smell. When it goes on your mouth it feels like your lips are fading away or your lips are cotton candy! You definitely need to buy this!!!”


“Pretty Please Hand Lotion is the best Lotion you will ever find! With its sweet smell and smooth feel, nothing can stop it! Although, it looks like any other kind of lotion, it isn’t! It is the best lotion you could ever find, it is soft and silky  and makes your skin feels smoother than smooth! This lotion will make you feel beautiful inside with the great quotes on the labels! Go now and get the Pretty Please Hand Lotion!!!”


Pretty Hand Sanitizer

“Pretty Please Hand Sanitizer is the best hand sanitizer! It has the best smell and will keep your hands clean longer than any other one! Pretty Please makes your hands feel smooth, when other hand sanitizers make your hands all sticky and smelly!! This is a must have product! With its perfect pink gel, your hands will smell better then ever!! This product is positively cleansing for your hands and all girls will love it!! You don’t want to miss out on this amazing product!

Pretty Please hand Sanitizer is the best hand sanitizer you will ever find! You must go to your local store and buy it right away! Always remember Pretty Please is the road to prettiness so by this awesome hand sanitizer right away!”



Okay, so I let my husband try the DRIVE line. I will tell you the reason they call it DRIVE is you will drive home to see him! I mean it. I can’t get over how awesome it smells. I have a husband that just uses soap, that was until he got DRIVE. I went to look for it to take pictures and low and behold he took it with him on a business trip. You have to understand my husband isn’t into these luxuries but boy oh boy he sure liked it. I am really happy because I love the way it smells.

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