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I wanted to share an experience with my readers today about some products that I got to try. Well actually, my daughters got to try them. These are the new PRETTY Line of products from Caren. The line contains a variety of fun products for infants, tweens and teens. We had just returned from my 10 year old daughter’s lacrosse games and we noticed a package was waiting for us. They both wanted to open it just like it was Christmas! Inside the box were multiple bottles of body wash, lotion, body spray and sponges. I knew I was going to have to split it up between them. We decided to smell all of the bottles and try the hand lotion. They smelled so good! The younger one insisted on getting all the PRETTY SPORT line products having said “I’m taking a shower right now and I can try them all!” After her shower she said how soft and clean she felt. She said the shower sponge had lots of bubbles and felt good on the bottom of her tired feet! To finish her experience she added the Sparkling Spray (yes it has glitter in it but when its sprayed on it is just a hint). She told me if she had to rate all the products on scale from 1-10 she would rate them “9 and a quarter”.

My 14 year old daughter took the PRETTY Natural line of products along with the PRETTY Please items. Her favorite was the flower shaped sponge. These Pretty Natural cleanser-infused shower sponges come with body wash right in them, making it easy to lather up. They’re good for up to 15 washes, leaving you fresh and clean and smelling wonderful. She said she loved the smell of the products and how soft it made her skin feel. She’s also involved with sports on a daily basis and showers all the time. She commented that her skin didn’t feel dried out like it usually does when she’s done showering. All the PRETTY Products contain antioxidants, aloe vera and glycerine to provide the ultimate in hydration that enhances your skin’s appearance and feel.   Each product comes with a small inspirational message on it that my younger daughter noticed, just a little something to make you feel confident and PRETTY!

To take the product on the go they have a great little product called the PRETTY Lip/fragrance duo with lip gloss on one end and fragrance on the other. These would make wonderful stocking stuffers!

Even though we don’t have a baby in the house anymore, we also received the Caren PRETTY Baby products that included Sweet Honey Body lotion and Hair, Face & Body Wash. I wish they had had these products around when my two were babies. They smell like heaven! They both have used the baby body wash in the shower and insist that their skin is softer and smoother. The bottles that they come in are so sweet with little foot & hand imprints on them. All of the PRETTY Baby  products are Pediatrician Tested, Dermatologist Tested, Tear FREE, Hypoallergenic, Vitamin Enriched and Formulated with Naturally Derived Ingredients. 

We’ve had a great time trying these products and would highly recommend them. The Pretty products are just a portion of what Caren offers. They also have other lines for Men and Women. You can find all the Products by Caren on Facebook, Pinterest,  Twitter and their Website.

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