Ruby Crystal 3 Piece Buffer Refill Set

Description Reviews

  • Buffer #1 is for cleaning.
    Aluminum oxide crystals gently exfoliate nails and will help remove dirt, grease, discoloration and unsightly ridges.  Using Buffer #1 deposits a fine dust of microscopic keratin particles to help replenish, improve the quality of the nail and set up the nail bed for Buffer #2.
  • Buffer #2 is for conditioning.
    The crystal dust from the RUBY CRYSTAL Stone Nail File and the keratin particles left from Buffer #1, will aid in structuring the nail bed for Buffer #2 and aid in stimulating, smoothing and preparing the nail for Buffer #3.
  • Buffer #3 will dramatically shine and seal your nails, giving them a finished look in minutes.
    Your nails will look incredible, healthy-looking and with a high-gloss finish without the need for polish.  Plus, this shine will last and not chip like nail polish. 

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